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Virtual Reality for EHS 4.0 Training

Ludus is the ultimate platform for training and coaching
in matters of Health and Safety


Training Catalog

All training in a single platform

Deteccion de riesgos en planta.gif

Know how to identify a wide spectrum of risks related to PPE, general safety regulations and signaling


Carry out the consignment process safely and avoiding risks

Recurso preventivo en altura.gif

Simulate accidents in the first person if the chosen equipment is not suitable

Trabajos en Altura.gif

Learn to perform different tasks at heights safely and avoiding risks


Assess the risk of different industrial jobs and equip yourself with PPE correctly to carry them out

Puente grua.gif

Learn to operate an overhead crane in an industrial warehouse in a safe way and avoiding risks

Riesgos electricos.gif

Know different situations of electrical risk and how to avoid them

Extincion de incendios.gif

Raise awareness of the consequences of not acting properly in the event of a fire

Prevencion de riesgos en planta.gif

Understand the main risks in jobs in warehouses and logistics environments


Be prepared to deal with an emergency situation such as successful CPR

Deteccion de riesgos en planta.gif

Identify the different risks in important areas of a plant and thus avoid risks

Riesgos logisticos.gif

Risks related to PPE, machinery handling, general safety regulations for handling cargo



of Professionals

Helps to minimize risks in real life by using simulations and exposing the user to situations that they face daily in their work environment

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